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Berry & Stone Liqueurs

Liqueurs are where the Berry & Stone journey started...

Still made in small batches using traditional techniques, each infusion is left for as long as it takes for you to enjoy a liqueur at perfection. We are patient at Berry & Stone as many of our liqueurs can take years to mature.

Our fruit is mostly picked within five miles of the Berry & Stone home in Meifod, a beautiful village nestled in the lush Welsh countryside. Wild berries are taken at their very best, infused in fine spirit, filtered and then bottled for you to savour. 

Our range has expanded over the years and is always under development as new varieties of flavours are explored. Last year we introduced our Winter Spice Liqueur. Made using 8 different fruits (including citrus) and aromatic spices, it has been described by many of our customers as "Autumn and Christmas in a glass".


This year we introduced Berry & Stone PINK. A subtle blend of raspberries and Blackberries infused in gin. The first batch of PINK sold out in two days!

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